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From: Sensei Yick
Re: Low Cost Yet Highly Effective Business Card Marketing
Tuesday 20th February 2018 07:05 AM

Dear Business Owners and Entrepreneurs,

It's amazing how much money you're letting slip through your fingers if you're constantly handing out business cards that do not generate sales for you.

You see, most business cards suck. According to our research statistic of more than 2000 business cards, we discover 4 types of business cards:

70% are blunt business cards. The business cards have a business name, contact information and a personal name, but tell no reason why they are better than their competitors.

12% are branded / corporate business cards. The business cards have a clean, branded look that no one knows what business they are in. Branded cards may have a stylish and classy look, but the card does not tell much about their business. It is not suitable for low budget business. This design needs a huge advertising and promotion budget.

14% are billboard business cards. These cards tell people what they have to offer, but lack of a compelling advertising message. But at the very least, they are selling.

4% are persuasive business cards. They sell by the products and services like a silent salesman.

Take a look at the following examples and guess which card works better.

The following is a business card that has a compelling image and message. If you get this business card, you won't forget whom you get it from. The emotion associated with this business card is so strong that the product sells itself. This is a super effective business card.

Feng Shui Business Card Flower

Turn your business card into a Silent Salesman for your business. It should effectively advertise your business, product or services for you. In other words, let your business card speak for you!!! Let it help promote your business!! Let it create an instant impact on those who receive it!! People always put more trust into printed communication than verbal communication. Printed communication spells authority and professionalism. It also allows your prospects to have a glimpse of how you deliver your products and services. You will know what I mean by referring to the business cards below.

Feng Shui Business Card Samples

But, how many business card actually looked like the above designs? Rarely. Do you remember what happened to those business cards that you have collected in the networking events? Do you remember whom you have exchange business cards with? How many cards have you thrown away because you have forgotten whom the business card belongs to and what they do for a living?

Now, go to your rolodex and look at those business cards you have collected. Chances are that you retain those cards for a valid reason - you may know the person or the person has a product or service that you may need in the future.

With that in mind, now ask yourself - does your business card deserves the trash can or rolodex?

After all the money invested in your business, I am sure you want to make money out of it. Your business card is the Silent Salesman for your company. It is a tool you use to keep in touch with other businesses. If you want an above average sales result, don't your business card also deserve an above average design?

Feng Shui Business Card Wine

Feng Shui Business Card Glass

After looking at the above business cards, just ask yourself which business card stand a better chance of getting sales from you if you were to buy. The answer is obvious. The redesigned cards look more vibrant and professional compared to their previous designs.

With the Right Feng Shui Placement, Your Business Will Stand A Better Chance To Succeed

Other than a good graphic design, you should also look into the energy vibration or Feng Shui aspect of your business card. Without good Feng Shui, your business will not be doing well either. The effect of Feng Shui Business Card is statistically proven to affect the well being of a business. Listen to what these people said after I evaluated their business cards.

Greetings Sensei Yick,




I know a little about Feng Shui so was very interested in knowing what your analysis would be.

Frankly, you're right on. This is a small business that has its ups and downs and doesn't have the stability I want and I have to work rather hard at it to make it cover its costs. Growth - it's growing, but much slower than I'd like.

Wow. I can't help but wonder how do you know that?

Best Regards,

Mark Kawabe
Web For Business, Canada

Sensei Yick

On behalf of the MAD DADS Chicago Chapter, I would like to thank you for your most enlightening assessment of our business card. Your findings were quite accurate. I will redesign the MAD DADS Chicago Chapter business card to make it more appealing in the hopes that our organization can generate more financial support. I will also share your evaluation with the MAD DADS National Organization. They may wish to consider developing a new logo or re-configuring the existing one to make it more friendly and appealing.

I look forward to working with Egora Feng Shui Business Card in the future.

With best regards,

Ms. Evon E. Parks
MAD DADS Chicago Chapter, USA

Dear Sensei Yick,

Thank you for your analysis.
Some of your points and analysis are frighteningly accurate.

Please tell how to improve my card.

With regards

Ampav, India

Dear Sensei Yick:

Thank you so very very very much for you amazing response and free analyzing of my business card!!

You are amazing to me and know so much just from looking at my card!!!

Here are the major things that you said:

1. "I am sure in your company, you have two forces, the conservative and the aggressive. They are fighting each others."

You are totally correct about this. Fixing our logo will make them sit up straight in their chairs and pay attention.

2. "It is likely you will move your office soon if you have not already moved."

Once again Sensei Yick I am amazed at your knowing so much about going on inside of our company.


Milespree, USA

Depend on your needs, you can design a Feng Shui Business Card that can:

  1. Generate more sales and income
  2. Meet with more business opportunities
  3. Expand your business faster
  4. Get more high quality clients & customers
  5. Develop more unique products and services
  6. Loyalty from your employees
  7. Improved cash flow
  8. Strengthen your company or business reputation
  9. Better business stability
  10. etc

Feng Shui Business Card eBook
All these are possible with Feng Shui Business Card. Click here to order your Feng Shui Business Card eBook.

Dear Sensei Yick

Thanks so much for helping us design our business cards, your suggestions were perfect! The colors and placement are much more balanced now.

Since implementing the changes you recommended 3 months ago we've hired 4 new sales people and our company's credit line is finally shrinking rather than growing! Your advice has helped us greatly.

I feel confident handing out our newly design Feng Shui Business Cards. I feel the Business Card "Genie" is working day and night to bring me business. Thank you so much!

Thank you,

Troy J. Doucet
Cornerstone Home Finance, USA

Are You Using The Right Business Card?

Feng Shui Business Card should not be taken lightly. They have been painstakingly researched. Don't underestimate its effects - it is amazing!

If you have the following card design, you can immediately verify the effect.

BAD Feng Shui Business Card Number 1
This is the most common business card. 7 out of 10 business cards have a design similar to this one. When your business card has this design, it means you are working very hard but getting very little return. Most of the money you have made slips away without reason to cover unforeseen expenses. This design gives you very little opportunity to retain your earnings.

This design spells work pressure. When you are the pillar of your company, you need to be around to supervise, or else everything that can go wrong will go wrong at the wrong time. As the pillar of your company, you are making money for your employees, instead of your employees making money for you. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

BAD Feng Shui Business Card Number 2
Some Feng Shui Business Cards that are designed for bosses / employers when used by employees will cause the employees to become self-sufficient and challenge the management's authority. Generally, it is bad Feng Shui to put the employee's names above the company's name. It is also bad Feng Shui for the employer to have the name of the employee put on the right hand top corner of the Business Card because the employee is employed to do work, and NOT to attempt to be the boss!

BAD Feng Shui Business Card Number 3
Designing Feng Shui Business Cards for your sales personnel is probably the most important strategy because it determines the flow of your money. Don't take chances, instead be careful and follow the science and principles of Feng Shui. Apply the wrong design, and your sales team will be wasting time sitting in the office. They will hang around waiting for the customers to come to them. You will have a passive team instead of the neccessary aggressive go-getters. Come on! Get real! Sales team should get up; get out to solicit for business. Business will not drop from the sky. When you put a sales personnel name on the middle left hand side of the business card, you can observe the tremendous negative impact.

BAD Feng Shui Business Card Number 4
When you company's name is at the bottom of the business card, 95% of the time, the company can't last for more than 5 years. It is disastrous!!! It is very likely that your company will face many unforseen obstacles, one after another, and you cannot recover. Worse still, you will attract many people who pretend to help you but the fact is they will do more harm than good. Place your company name there and the business will surely decline...

BAD Feng Shui Business Card Number 5
In most circumstances, if you see a business card where there is a line or two with distinct color separating the card, the person using the business card is usually unable to stay focus at work because something else is always occupying his/her mind. In the case of employees, this will lead them to providing sub-standard services to customers and cause the company to lose businesses. Soon, no one will refer business to you. You constantly have to find new customers to replace lost ones. Your business can hang on but it cannot prosper.

How To Get Feng Shui To Work For You Instead Of Against You

When your business cards fall into these categories, you are fighting an uphill battle with the force of Feng Shui, the power of nature. And the chances of you winning are very slim. If you don't change the Feng Shui of your business card, you will be exhausting all your energy fighting an invisible force. Fighting this insurmountable force will deplete all your productive energy that can be channeled into building a successful business. In this case, it is foolish to not consult a Feng Shui Business Card master to have the power turned around.

Yes, being conscious, exercise tight control and pay close attention to your business can keep the above problems under the carpet. However, the downside is that you have to pay very close attention to your business. It is an energy sapping endeavor and what we called running a "Struggling Business". You are actually fighting with the invisible force of bad Feng Shui. The bad Feng Shui is like a terrorist waiting for your attention to let lose, catch you off guard and attack you, finish you with a surprise death. They always attack you when you are most vulnerable.

The Odd Is Against You

As amazing and shocking as the discovery, our evaluation and research shows that 80% of the business cards in existence does not have favorable Feng Shui Energy. Is there any wonder why so many businesses do not last for more than 5 years or are just struggling to survive ? Whether your business is big or small, the Feng Shui Energy influences your customers. If your business card looks like one of the following designs, you need to revise its design to improve the Feng Shui Energy.

To avoid using a bad Feng Shui Business Card, you can refer to the 36 Feng Shui Business Card Templates in my Feng Shui Business Card e-Book. Please click here to order your Feng Shui Business Card eBook.

A Simple Experiment To Verify The Effect Of Feng Shui Business Card

Let's have some fun and do a little experiment. Take out all the business cards in your collection and see if any cards have the above designs. If you find any, please contact the person on the card (only if he/she is the boss, because most employees don't know much about their company) and tell him/her about the evaluation and verify the result. Often, you will hear the other person saying, "Wow! How did you know that?!" Now that you know what bad Feng Shui Business Cards look like, go impress people and have fun. ;-)

Dear Sensei Yick

I did the experiment you mentioned and I can verify what you said are truth. They are in trouble water. The power of Feng Shui Business Card is just unbelievable.

With those tips on your website, I can almost be a Business Card Feng Shui Sensei too.

Damali Edwards
Edwards Consulting, USA

I know online free business card templates are beautiful and many of you use them. But let me warn you, most business card templates online are only design oriented and lack the magical, Feng Shui energising effect of increasing sales and improving the bottom line.

Worse, 80% of the free business card templates on the Internet requires you to go out of the office and solicit for business. It is alright if your business nature is such but what if it is not? If you unawarely use those business card templates, chances are you will need to go all out struggling for business. Business opportunities rarely knock on your doors! If and when you come across potential business opportunities, you are up against the tide. You are make to runaround, meeting numerous people along the way and eventually you may have to deal with the cruel and killing rejections. Is that how you want your business to turn out? If your answer is NO, then please read on.

But all these can change if you use Feng Shui Business Card.

Engage The Silent Salesman To Sell For You

You CAN design a business card that helps sell your product and services without you promoting it.

Good day Yick,

You helped me with a business card design for my husband's business a few months back. I wanted to tell you he is busier than he has ever been - he is now looking for staff.

Your magic touch is incredible.

Sandy Kumskov
Brisbane, Australia

You don't need to be a bystander, you can also achieve the same result with your own Feng Shui Business Card. All that you need is my experience and it is all in my Feng Shui Business Card eBook. This eBook explains to you in details how does Feng Shui Business Card works.

Feng Shui Business Card eBook

I can guarantee you that no other Feng Shui books explain the Feng Shui Principles in such details with scientific logic as backup. There is just none. Period.

In fact, this eBook has 3 world's number one.

  1. This is the world's first book that teach you how to design a Business Card. Yes, I have searched the bookstore both online and offline, I just can't find any.

  2. This is the world's first eBook delicated to the subject of Feng Shui Business Card. No other Feng Shui Masters have done so much research on this subject and have written a book on this matter.

  3. This is the world's first Feng Shui Business Card templates too. This eBook has 36 Feng Shui Business Card templates that you can immediately copy and use. All you need is to replace the information on the business card.

If you are looking for information on how to design a Feng Shui Business Card, you can search all the bookstores in the world, but ultimately, you will return here again because we are the only one that can offer you this specific information.

So, what can you get in my Feng Shui Business Card eBook?

  1. You will learn what is Authentic Feng Shui. Feng Shui is not only wind and water force. They are more than that. You will learn what is the correct Feng Shui and how it produces result. Everything is explained clearly, logically and backed up with scientific findings. After reading my ebook, you will be able to tell who are the people who practices genuine Feng Shui and who are not.

  2. You will learn 9 Yin Yang Principles that reveal the secret of nature, how the law of nature works and why not following the Yin Yang principles is a fatal error for many businesses.

    Furthermore, the Yin Yang principles are illustrated with many examples that you can relate to in your daily life. It is simple and easy to understand. It has no cryptic passages like those traditional Feng Shui Books.

    After learning the Yin Yang Principles from my Feng Shui Business Card eBook, you will discover that many Feng Shui Masters around are really not as skillful as they claimed because they can't get the Yin Yang orientation right.

  3. Then comes the Feng Shui 5 elements; there are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. If you want to know how Feng Shui works, you have to understand the energy nature of the Feng Shui 5 elements and how do the Feng Shui 5 elements interact with each other. Many Feng Shui Masters who have purchased my eBook found the explanation very straightforward and revealing. This is something that they hardly read in other books.

    Actually, I can understand why they said so. Feng Shui is not hard to learn. It is just that you need a lot of illustrations to make things simple and clear. However, many authors of Feng Shui books took the easy and lazy route because illustration is expensive and time consuming. I can tell you that the illustration in any one chapter of my eBook is already worth all the money.

  4. After acquiring the foundation on the Feng Shui 5 Elements, it is time you harness the 5 elements' energy you need for your business. You can use the Feng Shui 5 elements to enhance your business by designing a Feng Shui complied logo. With the right combination of Feng Shui elements, you can design a Feng Shui logo that can help your business scale new heights. It is like travelling on a super highway. On the contrary, if you get it wrong, your business will suffer. And you may just decide to call it a day and pull the plug.

    In the eBook, I have developed a Feng Shui 5 elements chart that you can refer to and harness the exact Feng Shui 5 elements energy in a way that aids your business. All the energy patterns are clearly defined and illustrated. Again, it is simple and straightforward. You will not be confused.

  5. After designing your Feng Shui Logo, my Feng Shui Business Card eBook will help you collect the information you want to print on a business card. You may not have paid attention to what you want to put on a business card but I know there are at least 15 piece of information that you can consider printing on to your business card depending on your business nature and your personal preference.

  6. Now that you have all the information ready, it is time to choose a business card template that suit your needs. You can choose any of the 36 Feng Shui Business Card Templates in the eBook to serve different needs.

  7. Besides that, the eBook also teach you in a step by step method on how to enhance the effect of your business card with Business Card Genie. This is a step that we specially devised to speed up the effect of your new Feng Shui Business Card. Without this process, your Feng Shui Business Card will not be effective until 6 to 12 months later. This is an exclusive procedure that no other Feng Shui masters have. After you have applied it, you will be amazed by the speed new business comes in. Usually, you will see the results in less than 1 month.


Your Website is so fascinating! I wish I were able to study with you. I have been studying Feng Shui for over 12 years and can't wait to learn more about what you do.

I have been studying your first three chapters and you are like a "Breath of Fresh Air". You explain everything so logically. I have studied with many Masters over the past 12 years and have learned much about Feng Shui. But the way you explain your theories, as I was reading.... I said to myself... this man must be a scientist... and then I read your Bio and you are! You are the first person to EVER explain The Theory of Yin and Yang properly, in all the classes I have ever taken. Thank you! I am enjoying learning from you so much!

Have a beatiful day!

Your friend,

Florida, USA

I know that some of you are new in business and need all the help you can get. For the business newbies, I have 2 valuable business lessons to share with you in which you will need to pay me no less than $500 to learn in a live seminar.

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Despite all the research I have done and the statistics that I have collected, they are many sceptics who may not be fully convinced that Feng Shui Business Card can actually help improve the bottom line of their business. I have seen people who would rather keep on losing money in their business instead of seeking approriate Feng Shui cures. This may be due to sceptism or ignorance. Whatever it is, it puzzles me and I hate to see this happen to any business. If you still feel that buying my Feng Shui Business Card eBook poses a risk to you, than let me reverse the risk. I WILL BEAR ALL THE RISKS AND YOU SHALL HAVE ZERO RISK. Here is the no risk offer.

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Apply as outlined in the Feng Shui Business Card eBook and you will see the difference in less than 30 days. SEEING IS BELIEVING!!!

I am fully convinced and 100% confident that Feng Shui Business Card has an effect on your business and can help you improve your bottom line. The Feng Shui Business Card eBook cost only $48 before midnight, yet it is more valuable than all the stationeries your company has ever owned.

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Have a prosperous business,

Sensei Yick Tan

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Pps: If you still feel that Feng Shui Business Card is all superstition, give it a try, and I bet you will change your mind after that!!!

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