Feng Shui Business Card eBook

Feng Shui Business Card eBook

Egora Feng Shui Business Card eBook
by Yick Tan

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"We decided to try a Feng Shui Business Card Templates, just as he suggested. To my  astonishment - it works and it generated sales. These techniques can be worth millions to you." 
- Oliver Wilsons, San Diego 

"I couldn't believe a tiny piece of business card can do so much. I use the method on your ebook and print my business card and network with people and you know what, I have landed a big sales for my business. Master Yick, you are unbelievable."   
- Christine Goldman, Allomax Consulting, London, UK 

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Included in Feng Shui Business Card eBook:

  • Identify Authentic Feng Shui

    Learn the real Feng Shui and not being cheated by self proclaimed Feng Shui Masters.

  • 9 Yin Yang Principles

    Find out how the law of nature works and how to benefit from it.

  • 32 Feng Shui Business Card Templates

    Plug in your business information on one of the Feng Shui Business Card Templates and experience the power of Feng Shui Business Card in action.

  • Feng Shui 5 elements and Logo

    Discover the secrets of 5 elements and how to incorpoate them into your logo for greater success. 

  • Business Card Marketing

    How to approach and influence people to want to do business with you. 

    - Much More ...

I understand I am receiving a "100% Money Back Guarantee". It's simple: if after faithfully applying the ideas in this report to your own marketing efforts you are not able to increase your sales, we will give you 100% of your money back.

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"I learned more from Master Yick's Feng Shui Business Card eBook than from reading any ten books on Feng Shui. Every page was a true revelation! I'd easily pay $1,000 or more for this."
- Celvin Marshall, Feng Shui Consultant

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